FAQ / Important Info

1. How long is shipping? 

Currently, the fulfillment/shipping of bags and other products can take anywhere from around 2-9 weeks due to COVID-19 and the holidays. Phone cases usually ship out in about 1-4 weeks after order. We are not responsible for the package after shipping. Due to COVID-19, please be aware that there can be delays with fulfillment and shipping... If your order is taking longer than the estimated shipping time stated in its product description then please contact CowgirlClutch@gmail.com so we can see where your order is and make sure you receive it!

2. Do you guys offer returns/refunds

All sales are final. No returns and no refunds!

3. Do all the phone cases look the exact same in-person as on your website?

Phone cases may look slightly different than on the website because they are handmade. Due to them being handmade, phone case coloring, design, and/or print placement/size might be slightly off! 

4. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide! :)

5. How do I wash my rhinestone garment?

Rhinestone Washing Instructions – Turn your garment inside out, use warm or cold water only, and wash on gentle cycle (normal cycle for front loaders). DO NOT use a pre-wash product on or around the rhinestones because some of these products can soften the glue.

6. I put the wrong address/size/color at checkout! What do I do? Can I cancel my order?

Please contact us via E-mail CowgirlClutch@gmail.com so we can fix your error as soon as possible. Although, keep in mind we may not be able to fix your error if we have already prepared your order so please make sure to put the correct address/size/color!

7. Do you take credit/debit card also?

Yes, just click "Pay with PayPal" at checkout and you should be able to use card instead on the next page!

9. Are you responsible for the package after shipping out?

We are NOT responsible for your items after shipping them out! If your item gets lost in mail or damaged after shipping then we are not responsible.